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Updating yellow dog linux on ps3

choose your wireless access point and click the triangel next to the points name. select your encryption type from the pull down menu 13.Enter you access point key in the key field and then click ok 14.

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Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money.Anything less than that though and it will become more of a pain.As long as you have access to 720p and 1080i resolutions you will be good to go, with either HDMI or component. where u running linux through hdmi because im thinking of installing ydl but not through hdmi ive heard that its much more difficult to do so without hdmi any tips ill need for doing so ( add me any 1 psn - jigsaw-killer) It does not.This will overwrite the existing with a patched version. Now open the terminal and type the following nano /etc/wicd/and change'signal_display_type = False' to 'signal_display_type = 0' now save and exit 6. In the terminal type "system-config-network" and delete all your network connections 8.Start wicd manager from the menu under applications/internet 9. click advanced settings and choose to use encryption 12.First back up filesu cp /etc//etc/backup Next edit yabootnano -w /etc/Next if you installed YDL on an HDTV and want to add an SD option go to step (a).

If you installed YDL on an SDTV and want to add a HD option go to step (b).

80GB PS3 (Model Number 98015 and later) 160GB PS3 (Model Number 900006 and later).

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Source: IV Expand Repositories For Avaliable Software *==================================================================This will greatly increase the number of applications avaliable Extras#mirrorlist=

repo=extras-6&arch=ppcbaseurl= pidgin libpurple libpurple-perl libpurple-tcl pidgin-perl libpurple-devel finch-devel pidgin-devel libsmi libsmi-devel oddjob pyxdg lzo lzo-devel cvsps convmv nautilus-open-terminal gtk gtk -devel perl-Pod-Escapes netlabel_tools freeglut-devel freeglut perl-Pod-Simple perl-PAR-Dist perl-Ext Utils-CBuilder keyutils-libs keyutils keyutils-libs-devel gnash scribus splint scribus-devel perl-YAML perl-Pod-Coverage conman gnash-plugin libibverbs oddjob-libs libhugetlbfs libibverbs-utils libibverbs-devel oddjob-devel asciidoc perl-Error exim glib tla mesa-lib GLw mesa-lib GLw-devel exim-doc hatari sblim-testsuite perl-Module-Build help2man perl-Test-Pod libmthca-devel libmthca git git-cvs git-gui git-svn git-arch git-email gitk perl-Git meanwhile-doc meanwhile-devel meanwhile Canna exim-mon perl-Test-Pod-Coverage glib-devel lsscsi sabayon-apply sabayon sblim-cmpi-devel sblim-wbemcli sblim-cmpi-base-test sblim-cmpi-base-devel sblim-cmpi-base aide ddd Canna-devel liberation-fonts Canna-libs mod_nss imlib2-devel imlib2 gstreamer-python openvpn qt4 qt4-postgresql qt4-odbc qt4-mysql qt4-devel qt4-sqlite qt4-doc blas-devel blas lapack lapack-devel perl-Ext Utils-Parse XS python-imaging-devel python-imaging python-setuptools gdk-pixbuf-devel gdk-pixbuf python-iniparse cyrus-imapd-utils cyrus-imapd-perl cyrus-imapd-devel cyrus-imapd yum-cron apmudsave it and close gedit.

Press X when"/ps3/otheros/otheros.bld" is displayed. Now changedefult system from ps3 to otheros in the system settings.system will boot into linux hit enter at kboot*(SDTV) and allow to load. Instillation will take about / II Activate Wireless ==============================================================( 1w ) Yellow Dog Linux 6.1- Option 1 (works with WPA & WPE encryption)This method will fix wicd1. Boot YDL and Log in as root at the log in screen 3.