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Malaysia dating site with women photos

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You will know within 5 minutes if it’s a scammer by looking at the profile, how they write/speak, their picture, they state they live in a West African country (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, to name a few), they confess their love in the first meeting, they claim God brought you to them, etc.Eventually if you keep blocking them, they will stop and you will be placed on a “NO” contact list.

malaysia dating site with women photos-71

This is why they are always on the computer and at times it seems you are talking to different people.They promise to identify who the scammer is and for an additional fee have them arrested and bring them to justice.Many people have been contacted by these fakes asking for money to assist. There are some fake detectives/investigators that have set up web sites stating they are NET Detectives.Romance scammers are in this for one purpose only . Because of the easy money made from victims, scammers are well-to-do respected business men/women who quit their "normal" day jobs. They have a script to follow, just like telemarketers. When they are gone from the computers for any amount of time they are either looking up information in order to answer you or are consulting with a more experienced member of their "team". Internet cafes are shut down to normal business so scammers can do "their jobs". Most households in West Africa and other third world countries cannot afford them nor can they afford the cost of a monthly connection. They take time to respond to you because they are talking to other people.The norm in Nigerian culture is to call a family meeting when a problem occurs. They do not get on the internet, pick a stranger off a dating site, fall in love within a few days and immediately ask for money.

Scammers know victims might be aware of this and is one of the reasons why they almost immediately begin calling the victim their husband or wife.

The scammer continues the work to solidify their victim's love and trust.

The requests then start for a victim to visit the scammer in their home country. The scammer will use this first visit to further solidify the relationship, so the victim "knows" this is real.

Scammers may claim they're being held hostage in the hospital.

Call the hospital directly and ask about the "patient". When anyone you are in contact or relationship with online claims they are an American overseas, direct them to the American Embassy for help. The American Embassy highly recommends that individuals doing business in Nigeria be registered with the Embassy for their safety.

When she came back from the fourth visit, she was petrified with all that was going on and went to the FBI. However, she is now under protection as she is so involved in the scam that her life and the lives of her loved ones are in danger. Once she stopped cooperating, then she and her family are in grave danger.