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How to get back in the dating game

This can help with the pressure of those first date jitters.I can say I’ve gone out on many dates with best friends as the “buffer” and all proved to be successful.

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Now that you have spent enough time licking your wounds, you're contemplating the possibility of getting back in the game. Sheila Blagg and her team at Divorce2are committed to providing support for those in interested in counseling, legal services, and guidance for rebuilding their future.The goal at Divorce2is to offer assistance, whether needed for saving a marriage or supporting an individual through their divorce, bringing to light the emotions involved in every aspect of divorce.By Shelly Blagg Now that it’s almost a New Year, it’s time for the new you to jump back into the dating pool!We all know dating can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time, made much worse by over thinking things.The casual sex revolution has changed the dating game which leaves you stranded with no idea where to start.

You're too old for the clubs and too young to be alone. There is a process to getting back in the game and finding the "right one." Here are five quick tips to get you ready to love again:1.

So if you’ve stopped blaming the world for the woman who cheated on you or the man who treated you badly, and now realize that one individual doesn’t represent all of humankind, you’re ready to try again.

Similarly, if you understand that marriages break down, have learned from your mistakes, know that you gave it your best and realize that you’re not solely to blame for reality not meeting your expectations, then you’re a step closer to collecting that china set all over again with someone who’s grown as you have.

There are three women to every man in the United States over age 18. Wear clothes that help you stand out from the crowd. Since your divorce, you no longer fit comfortably in your former social circle, so don't push it. But, where do you go to find other like-minded people?

Ladies: Your best work outfits will not help you compete in the dating market. Men are attracted to color so add a pop of color and accessories to all of your outfits.3. A potential date isn't going to come knocking on your door and join you on the couch.

Or, worst of all, your partner passed away, and the thought of moving on made you feel disloyal and filled you with sadness.