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(A modern legend is that Hitler was a vegetarian, but in fact he was not, at least not in the traditional sense of the word.) p until the mid-1900's, Americans ate far less meat than they do today.

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The protein combining idea was contagious -- it appeared in every other book by every other vegetarian author published after that, and made its way into academia, encyclopedia entries, and the American mindset.Unfortunately, the idea that protein combining is necessary was absolutely wrong.The first problem was that the protein combining theory was just that -- only a theory. The idea of protein combining was thus more superstition than science.Publication of Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe launches vegetarian movement in U.S., but unfortunately introduces myth that vegetarians must "combine" their proteins to get a "complete" protein.Wasn't it odd that we were eating farm animals for protein, and they were eating nothing but plants?

Finally, plant foods were not even as "deficient" in various amino acids as Lapp had thought. John Mc Dougall wrote: "Fortunately, scientific studies have debunked this complicated nonsense.

It was really Diet for a Small Planet in 1971 that was the big starting point.

ut 1971 America saw vegetarianism much differently than it does today.

Now most people in the United States eat a diet high in animal products, fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar, and low in carbohydrates, vegetables, and fiber." egetarianism was not very common in the U. until 1971, when Frances Moore Lapp's bestseller Diet for a Small Planet was published. Worth native, Lapp dropped out of graduate school at U. Berkeley to do personal research on world hunger issues.

Lapp was startled to discover that it takes 14 times as much grain to feed an animal than what you get out of it in meat -- an enormous waste of resources.

But no meat-eater has molar teeth, like humans and the other plant-eaters.) The early human as plant-eater view is also supported by the fact that humans on meat-based diets contract major ailments such as heart disease and cancer much more frequently than people eating vegetarian diets.